Your next opportunity to meet Charlie will be Wednesday, July 22nd, from 11 to 2, at the Dallas Arboretum's "A Tasteful Place". Learn from this Pecan Pro how to make his personal favorite flavor, Cinnamon Sugar Pecans. You can visit his pop-up store immediately after the demo, and pick up any or all of his yummy treats: Cinnamon Sugar, HOT PECANte, Maple Pecan, and Traditional Spice. We hope to see you there!


Founder, President, CEO,



Impressive in so many ways. Charlie’s Treats are the perfect blend of creativity + deliciousness + small business with a social impact model = brilliance in a small package. Looking forward to Charlie’s next flavors, although the Maple Pecans were amazing!

Darlene E.

 The nuts are like a certain potato chip:

Betcha can’t eat just one.

Edible Dallas / Ft. Worth - Edible Notables Fall 2018

Great job Charlie! What a treat they were! I ordered four bags to give away but they never made it out the front door. The spicy had just the right amount of heat for snacking on. The maple were the perfect additional to my apple kale salad. Can’t wait to reorder!

MaryBeth K.

4 yummy flavors to choose from!

Charlie's Treats 4 yummy flavors

Charlie's Vision

To inspire kids to dream big... and to inspire grown-ups to believe in the dream.